Testing Frameworks

Comparing Test Frameworks

Unit testing is a key feature of agile software development, and for this sole reason one needs to leverage a testing framework that will get the work done. In this article we will attempt to look at different testing frameworks that can be used with node apps. ** It should be noted that picking the right framework is relative to the domain that it will be used in.


Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun. Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases.


Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks. It does not require a DOM. And it has a clean, obvious syntax so that you can easily write tests.

Mocha Jasmine 2.X
Node.js support
Browser support
Describe block format
BDD Support
TDD Support
Built-in assertion library
Built-in mocking library
Asynchronous test
Dependencies < 5
Community Adoption

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