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The Assert module is available in the Node.js (Core) API therefore documentation on this interface is extremely prevalent.


There exists a very detailed website that organizes different categories linked to asserting related to using should.js. This document however is based on the assumption that the reader has prior knowledge of assertion coupled with quite a number of grammatical errors that at some points could lead to misunderstandings.


Apart from information provided on github, there does not seem to be much information on standalone, expect. Most of the information needed on expect, seemed to be documented on the chai assertion library website.


The Chai Assertion Library has its own website that provides a guide as to the different assertion styles that chai utilizes. This is in addition to the API documentation that details the different methods used and the parameters they take. It also provides an extensive list of plugins that can be used as add ons providing additional functionality.


The information provided on github for Must.js was rich in content. The API methods were listed as well as valuable comparisons between Must.js and Should.js as well as with Chai. It provided steps as to how to convert to Must.js from using another assertion style.

Shantel Stewart